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■ 电压:  AC100-230V,50/60HZ
■功率:  260W
■灯珠:  768颗5050RGB灯珠+96颗3w白光灯珠
■控制方式: DMX512、自走、声控、带RDM功能
■通道: 4, 6, 12 ,144,154CH
■调光: 32bit 0~100%线性调光
■工作温度: -30度~50度
■■频闪频率: 1~30HZ
■外观:  金属、黑色
■连接方式:DMX512输入输出 / 电源输入输出。
■IP 等级:  IP20


Technical Parameters:
■ Voltage: AC100-230V,50/60HZ
■Power: 240W
■Lamp beads: 768pcs 5050RGB lamp beads+96pcs 3w white light beads
■Control mode: DMX512, self-propelled, voice control, with RDM function
■Channel: 4,6,12,144,156CH
■Dimming: 32bit 0~100% linear dimming
■Features: 8 stages of horse racing + dyeing + flashing
■Working temperature: -30℃~50℃
■■Strobe frequency: 1~30HZ
■Appearance: metal, black
■Connection mode: DMX512 input and output / power input and output.
■IP grade: IP20

48+8 section 3in1 strobe light / 48+8 频闪灯

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