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■ 电压:AC100-230V,50/60HZ
■LED光源:200WCOB 2合1(冷白、暖白/4in1(R G B W)
■ 色温:3200-6500K
■ 控制方式:DMX512、主从、声控、自走模式
■ 通道数:4/6CH


Technical Parameters:
■ Input voltage:AC100-230V,50/60HZ
■Rated power: 200W
■LED light source: 200WCOB 2 in 1 (cool white, warm white/4in1(R G B W)
■ Color temperature: 3200-6500K
■ Control mode: DMX512, master-slave, voice control, self-propelled mode
■ Number of channels: 4/6CH
■ Dimming: 0-100% linear dimming
■Beam angle: 60°
■Protection grade: IP20

200W two eye spectator light / 2眼观众灯

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