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■主光: 16*30W 金黄色LED灯珠
■辅光: 576*0.3W红绿蓝LED灯珠
■特点:主光使用16颗30W 1800金黄色LED灯珠,辅光使用576颗0.3W三合一LED灯珠,灯珠分16模组单独可控,效果出众生动。用户可将多个灯具进行无缝拼接,通过专业编程,可给舞台带来更炫目更多彩的特别的灯光效果


Technical Parameters:
■Voltage: AC100-230V,50/60HZ
■Power: 450W
■Main light: 16*30W golden yellow LED lamp beads
■Auxiliary light: 576*0.3W red, green and blue LED lamp beads
■Control mode: DMX512, master/slave mode, voice control mode, support RDM
■Channel: 4, 6, 12, 21, 64, 76CH
■Protection grade: IP20
■Features: The main light uses 16 pieces of 30W 1800 golden yellow LED lamp beads, and the auxiliary light uses 576 pieces of 0.3W three-in-one LED lamp beads. The lamp beads are divided into 16 modules and can be controlled individually, and the effect is outstanding and vivid.Users can seamlessly splice multiple lamps, and through professional programming, it can bring more dazzling and colorful special lighting effects to the stage

Triangle Retro Lamp / 三角复古灯

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