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■灯珠:3颗 60w 黄金COB(主光)  36颗 3w 3535三合一灯珠(辅光RGB)1颗 40w 四合一灯珠(染色光束RGBW)


Technical Parameters
■Voltage: AC100-230V, 50/60Hz
■Power: 260w
Lamp beads: 3pcs 60w gold COB (main light), 36pcs 3w 3535 three-in-one lamp beads (auxiliary light RGB) and one 40w four-in-one lamp beads (dyed beam RGBW)
■X-axis angle: X-axis 540°
■Control mode: DMX512, master/slave, self-propelled, voice control.
■Dimming mode: 0-100% super smooth dimming
■Channel mode: 15, 20, 26CH
■Strobe: 25 times/second
■Protection grade: IP20

Maple Leaf Rotating Vintage Lamp / 枫叶旋转复古灯

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